Relate: Put yourself in an Autistic individual's shoes, and consider their thoughts, feelings, and opinions on life.

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     Scroll down this page to discover information and resource links about Autism.  Learn about facts concerning Autism Spectrum Disorder as well as tips on how to help an Autistic individual get the most of the resources available to them.  Together, we can understand Autism, and help all those who have it live full, happy lives.


Movies & Shows

- Movie: Inside Out 

- Movie: Guardians of the Galaxy

​- Children's show: Mack & Moxy

​- Children's show: Bear in the big blue house

​- Movie: Power Rangers (2017)



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Demonstrate: Treat an Autistic Individual as you would anyone else, and show them respect and understanding by expressing what you've learned about them, not about Autism.  Remember, we all may be different, but we're still all the same.


If your child has been diagnosed with Autism, one of the most valuable resources that might be available to you is an Autism Specialist, or ABA worker.  These great people meet with your child one on one to help them learn and grow with their abilities to express themselves.  Many people have simply let them do the program step by step, which isn't bad, but it does leave some untapped potential.

One major flaw in present Autism practices is treating the Autism, not the individual.  Although a program provides an excellent base, you need to challenge the Autism Specialist to customize aspects to exploit your child's strengths.  This also helps when understanding where your child needs the most support.  Some Autism Specialists do take it upon themselves to use this practice already, but as the parents, it's wise to take an active role in shaping the program for your child.

Why is this such an important step to utilize?  If you're able to have your child be seen regularly by an Autism Specialist, or ABA worker, they'll be imprinted in that child's life.  They'll become an influence to the child in terms of education and expression.  This is why you need to be part of this influence, so if the program ends, or if you have to change workers, you can help keep your child from reverting.

Educate: Learn all you can about Autism through an Autistic individual, including how they feel about current information provided to society.

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The three important steps needed to help everyone understand that Autism is about an Individual, not an illness.  Scroll down to learn more about why people should be seeing R.E.D.

Working with an Autism Specialist

Here is a list of movies and shows that have a positive influence on Autistic individuals.  There's no endorsements or relation to this page, just a helpful list that an Autistic individual may enjoy.

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