A.M.Sawyer has been using his talent with words for many years, but it wasn't always this way.  Back in the 1980's, in the small village of Armada, Michigan, he was living on his Grandma's farm.  There, his focus was split between his love of animals and a fascination with Meteorology.  In fact, his interest with the weather was nearly an obsession, as he would go outside whenever things got intense.  This would take a drastic change when he was 11, after his mother took him from where he called home and moved to Casco, Michigan.  After a rough first year at Anchor Bay schools, he visited his grandma's house when he turned 12, and wrote his very first poem.  He was standing in the middle of a field, and looking at a beautiful sunrise.  The poem was entitled "The First Morning".

     His collection of poetry grew throughout his High School years, but his focus remained on Meteorology.  This reached a peak when he graduated from Anchor Bay in 2000, but fizzled out over the next two years.  He spent one year in college at Lake Superior State University, which was an incredible growing experience, even if it didn't amount to a successful completion.  The next spring, he went on a week long adventure of tornado chasing.  This would show him that, even though he was fascinated with weather, it wasn't what he was meant to do in life.

     In 2005, after some major trials within his life, A.M.Sawyer was ready to begin sharing his work with the world.  His first achievement was later that year, when his poem "Love's Passion" was admitted in a volume of poetry called "Twilight Musings".  This success inspired him to attempt to form a collection of his works and try to get it published.  In August of 2006, a contract was signed with a large press, only to have it sold to PublishAmerica in October.  Although there was a bit of success in the beginning, it would be considered a failure overall.  It did however, teach A.M.Sawyer some valuable lessons on how things work, including how much control to let up.  Changes in title and poem order severely tainted a great collection of works, but A.M.Sawyer moved on.

     In 2008, it was decided that poetry wasn't the end, but the beginning of the journey, and the first novel was brought into this world.  It was originally meant as a joke, but it turned into an entire world of ideas and adventures.  A second novel came, and then several short stories.  In 2012, it was time for the world to see them.  It was never meant as a means to become famous, but rather as a testing ground to overcome one obstacle that stood in the way of success.  He knew he could tell a great story, but to write an incredible novel was yet beyond his skills.  He had to learn.

     In the spring of 2013, he officially withdrew all of his works that he had control over, and focused on all he learned.  That July, he released his first test of those skills, with the short story "Morning Warning".  That title had become the first major success of his career.  Instead of putting things on the fast track to success however, personal reasons caused A.M.Sawyer to put things on hold and step down from writing for a while.  That time has passed.

     Now, with rewrites of old favorites, and expansions of others, the new beginning is here.  On top of all the old ideas, there are more than 30 new stories to add in the mix.  Watch out world, it's time of A.M.Sawyer.

2005: Poem "Love's Passion" in collection "Twilight Musings"

2006: "The Disaster that is Emotion" (Poem Collection)

2012: "Lord of the Mullets" (Unedited Edition)

2012: "Sword of Time" (Unedited Edition)

2012: "Worse" (Unedited Short Story).

Published Credits


2012: "Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith" (Unedited Short Story)

2012: "Shattered Reflections" (Poem Collection)

2013: "Morning Warning" (Short Story)

2013: "Fairy vs Leprechaun: The Battle for Faith" (Audio Book, Narrated by Barbara Ann Martin)

2014: Various Articles for the Ogemaw Voice Newspaper (May to October)

2017: "The Realities of Autism: Misconceptions" (non-fiction eBook)