New Designs for the website introduced, as well as wider scope on writing impact.

 - Short Story submitted to Publishers

 - Two Poems submitted to Publishers

 - Three Officially active blogs

 - Offering Paid Writing services

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“You are your own worst enemy. So to enjoy life, tell yourself to sit down, shut up, and hang on, because it's going to be one Hell of a ride!” 

Author Blog

Fiction isn't my only reality, as this blog takes the rather rare approach to various situations around the world.  It's time to take steps and save Common Sense.  Click below to read more.

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Common Sense Against the World

Quotes of the Month

First thing to focus on is the Enchanting Pin Series, Which goes :

1. Living Emerald
2. Icy Topaz
3. Fiery Opal
4. Devastating Diamond
5. Master Ruby

After that's done, I will be moving forward and writing the Midnight Series

Delve into the alternate future of Star Trek in this Fan-Fiction Blog Series, where chaos has spread and hope dwindles.  Can the Galaxy be saved?  Click below and find out.

“Never worry about the negative in others, for you cannot change what you don't control, conquer your own demons and be happy.”


I have joined the ranks of Fiverr.com, where I offer my Poetic skills to you.  It can be for any occasion or for any reason.  Prices start at only $5, so click below for details.

Join me on my venture over at my Author's Blog, where you'll get to read regular entries of poetry, new quotes, and news as it happens.  Follow along there to know when new stuff is added here.  Click below and enjoy.

Author and Poet

A.M. Sawyer is coming back... Walked through the fire, weathered the storm, found my true calling, comfortable and warm. Now I am here, my name will rise, If you still doubt, you're in for a surprise.

When you never give up, failure becomes nothing more than a stepping stone to success..



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