A hundred years after the destruction of Vulcan, the entire galaxy is in peril.  War, chaos and death are a daily struggle for the Federation and the rest of the Alpha Quadrant.  Victory seems to be within reach, and yet, something far worse than anything previously encountered approaches.  Will the Alpha Quadrant survive this new and seemingly unstoppable plague, or is this the beginning of the end?  Click below and read this short story to find out.

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Time to do things the correct way.  Trailer Country Trilogy will be put on hold for now.  It's time to start with something entirely new.

That being said, first thing to focus on will be The Enchanting Pin: Living Emerald.

After that's done, I will be moving forward and writing Midnight: Rise of a Villain before beginning the second Enchanting Pin Book.

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With recent events, I will be only posting blog posts until September.  After that, site and blog will be fully updated and active once again.

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“When you never give up, failure becomes nothing more than a stepping stone to success”

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A.M. Sawyer is coming back... Walked through the fire, weathered the storm, found my true calling, comfortable and warm. Now I am here, my name will rise, If you still doubt, you're in for a surprise.

When you never give up, failure becomes nothing more than a stepping stone to success.

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“You can think up a million excuses to quit, and still not have an actual reason! Why waste all that brain power?” 



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